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Month: April, 2012

April 15th

I very highly recommend Thinking, Fast and Slow.

I’m about halfway through.  The chapters are very short, perfect for reading one or two before bed.  There are lots of little experiments you can do yourself while reading, and be amazed at how you respond just the way those foolish people you were mocking in your head respond.

The content is utterly fascinating.  Content-wise, I think of it as the perfect companion to another of my favorite non-fiction books, How the Mind Works. Kahneman’s book is the more entertaining of the two, while Pinker’s covers a much wider and more fundamental range of material.

It’s really good, I can’t imagine anyone regretting the purchase.


April 7th

I went to Sakura Con today.  The main attraction for me this year was the Puella Shoujo Madoka Magica panel, which featured the writer and the producer answering questions.  It was interesting to hear how the various people associated with the show– writer, director, character designer, composer, art director– each contributed to the final product.  I also picked up the first two limited edition box sets (the third and final one hasn’t been released yet).  I manfully resisted the impulse to buy an Akemi Homura figure, though.