July 11th

I truly had the best of intentions to keep this blog updated…

All is well with me.  I stopped playing both Star Wars and Diablo III a few weeks ago– just lost interest in both simultaneously.  I haven’t been tempted to go back to either one, so I guess I’ve cycled out of my periodic computer game obsession phase.  I picked up some of the books on iPad programming I bought last year, and that seems like it will most likely be my next time-consumer.

This current anime season, the only show I’m following for sure is Hyouka.  I liked the first episode of Sword Art Online, and enjoyed the fan translation of the novel.  I was entertained by the first episode of Campione! , but I suspect it will wind up being a bit too childish for my tastes; I’ll give it another episode or two.

I went on a massive organization kick a few weeks ago and completely reorganized my home office and our guest bedroom.  My office is now using space as efficiently as I can possibly imagine, to the point that when a single new book shows up from Amazon, I need to pick a book to move upstairs to the guest room (which still has a little bit of shelf space left, after boxing up four boxes of paperbacks to get rid of).  It’s sort of impressive, in a geeky way; shelves filled with books, games, anime and manga, with both a Mac and a PC on two desks.  What a non-geek would think of it is perhaps best left unimagined and untested.