The wonders of Magnesium

by andrewbgross

I’ve gotten tension headaches once or twice a week forever.  My shoulders get tight and hurt, then it works its way up my neck until it’s a headache.  Actually, the shoulders alone are enough to be very unpleasant.

After having ignored Shira’s  (always correct) advice for years, I started taking 200mg of Magnesium before going to bed.  Magnesium has the (apparently well known) effect of relaxing muscles.

I literally have not had another episode for the entire bottle’s worth of days, a couple of months.  Not one.

I’m reminded of it today because my bottle ran out and I bought a different brand with a different doseage, and apparently didn’t take enough, since I now have shoulder tension and a headache.

If  you’re in a similar situation, I highly recommend giving it a try.